1. I was asked by an indigenous activist in rural Oregon to help provide community defense training and organize security details for events. She lives under constant threat from local fascists who published her address on the internet and even the school her children attend, claiming they will kill her and the kids as well. Instead of investigating these threats, local police posted her photo on their websites as a warning to other activists, despite her never having been charged or convicted of any crime. In fear for her life, she passed a federal background check and was able to legally purchase a gun. If OR 114 was in effect, she would have also needed to obtain special permission from the police, the same ones colluding with fascists threatening to murder her family.

2. Just a couple months ago one of my close friends stopped a knife wielding man attempting a gay bashing attack in a grocery store parking lot. He drew his concealed carry pistol and pointed it at the man, immediately ending the assault. When police arrived, they questioned the attacker, and because my friend stopped him before anyone was injured, simply let him go. This is typical of most instances when a firearm is used for self defense and why statistics are so difficult to come by. Just as the cops were disinterested in an attempted gay bashing, nobody keeps files on cases where firearms ended conflicts nonviolently. The pistol my friend used had a capacity over ten rounds. If OE 114 were in effect, he might have been the one arrested.

These are just two of many circumstances that really drive home what a damaging law 114 would be and why I’m fighting back. My argument against it will appear in the Oregon voter pamphlet this November and I currently have a GOFUNDME set up to help with that expense. If you can contribute a few dollars, it really means a lot.

2 thoughts on “WHY WE FIGHT

  1. Roman

    Hi there,
    I purchased a firearm a few years ago and my application was never denied but placed on hold (since 2020). I have purchased firearms and I have never been on hold for this long. I have tried calling and leaving messages to OSP and have not had any luck. I have been told by the gun store that there is a lawyer in Salem who helps with these kinds of cases but no one seems to know how to get a hold of him.
    Any chance that you may be able to recommend someone.

    1. Ross Eliot Post author

      The NICS website says after 3 unresolved days its up to the FFL to release the firearm at their discretion while complying with state law. So, if you’re in Oregon, a particular FFL they may feel they need an enthusiastic approval for their own liability. I wish I had better info but it seems like the issue may be related more with the FFLs interpretation of state law.


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